Tree Felling

Vertical Access Ltd started a cliff stabilisation contract in January 2014 for Construction Marine Ltd and Network Rail with design by URS.  The railway cutting in Barnsley required works due to mature trees on the cliff face de- stabilising the rock face through root jacking.

Initially the mature trees were felled using hydraulic tree grab and guillotine.  The grab was fitted to a 13t excavator and operated by VAL plant operator and chainsaw operative.  Working through the night, 30 large trees were removed in 3 nights with minimal disruption to the adjoining house owners.  Once felled our chainsaw operatives were able to chip and log the trees during the day.

On completion of the site clearance and de- vegetation we then progressed with removing all loose rock and dumped waste from the cliff face in conjunction with Installing Orica R32 hollow bar Rock dowels with a 75mm diameter sacrificial drill bit.  The rock dowels were installed with the VAL TEI drill and mast and were drilled to 3m depth with 2m being into rock. These were subsequently tested to 125kN without failure.

The area has now been meshed with Maccaferri Rockfall protection mesh.

Works are continuing for another 3 weeks, during which we will proceed to the opposite side of the cutting to undertake the same.
Due to location of a coal seam VAL will also be required to construct a supporting, engineering brick dentition. This will be tied into the coal seam and will be built off a strip foundation.