Vertical Access LtdĀ utilizeĀ industrial rope access methods together with the latest in rock drilling technology and specialist rigs in the installation of rock bolts, soil nails, dowels and earth anchors. This makes the geotechnical work undertaken efficient and cost effective.

Vertical Access Ltd has developed modern access methods for geotechnical engineering in difficult to reach areas through a combination of rope access, cradle systems and hydraulic platforms. By using these methods all aspects of slope stabilisation and rockfall protection can be undertaken safely and efficiently.


Specialised Geotechnical Rope Access Services:

  • Rock face Surveys
  • Descaling
  • Foundation/Retaining Walls
  • Rock Meshing
  • Pressure Pointing
  • Rock Netting Dentition Work
  • Rockfall protection
  • Soil nailing
  • Rock bolting

Vertical Access are a Link Up approved company and have considerable geotechnical experience on railway rock cuttings and embankments.


geotechnical rope accessgeotechnical rock fall protection