Stabilisation of a Railway Cutting

Vertical Access has been subcontracted to Construction Marine Ltd to undertake stabilisation of a railway cutting.

Deltax Mesh

Utilising a TEI drill mast for the installation of Soil Nails ( Supplied by Dywidag ) and tracked dumpers for the positioning

 of Geobrugg Deltax mesh ( supplied by Dywidag).

The lower face anchors are being hand drilled using rotary Turmag drills.

railway cutting installation

Grouting of soil nails with AM 1000 thixotropic grout supplied by Minova Weldgrip

Soil Nailing

TEI drill mast drilling and installing R32 hollow bar soil nails as slope stabilisation measures prior to the installation of Deltax mesh

TEI drill Mesh


Geobrugg Deltax mesh installed at Lockley Wood for CML by Vertical Access ltd.

TEI drill Soil Nails






Vertical Access Grouting Operations