RISQS Categories

Vertical Access are approved to work on the railways in the following RISQS Categories:

04.12.01 SER   Abseiling (Special Assessment)
12.01.11 CBD   Defences – Cliff Stabilisation (including Rock Anchors, Netting & Scaling)
12.04.12 CBD   Earthworks (Embankments, Cuttings etc.)
12.04.13 CBD   Ground Anchors
12.04.13 TCD   Ground Anchors
12.04.14 TCD   Soil Nailing
12.04.14 CBD   Soil Nailing
12.04.16 CBD   Rock Netting
12.04.17 CBD   Rock Scaling
12.04.18 TCD   Rock Anchors
12.04.18 CBD   Rock Anchors
12.12.04 SER   Bridges, Culverts & Retaining Walls

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